On Spending, Debt, And Taxes

It's gotten to the point where President Obama resembles one of those romantic swains who does not understand that “no” means “no”, or in this case “Hell no!”

We have an economy that is still foundering due to job-killing regulations made by rogue bureaucracies, job-killing legislation by Congress, bailouts to commercial and financial institutions that don't deserve them, and a government spending spree that looks more like a teenager running around using daddy's credit card. But the 'teenager' doesn't understand that the credit card has reached its limit. What's worse is that he wants the credit card issuer (i.e. the taxpayers) to pony up even more credit to keep spending money he doesn't have and can never pay back. When he doesn't get his way he throws a tantrum, blaming the over-the-limit credit card he used on those no longer willing to have their pockets picked by an ungrateful and willful child.

Try as he might, I don't think Obama's going to get away with painting the GOP as the cause of the upcoming default on August 2nd. The Republicans are standing their ground, not willing to give the President a pass by reneging on their campaign promises and raising the debt limit in return for 'future' spending cuts. All one needs to do is look how such promises made by Democrats in the past all fell by the wayside once they got their way to see how foolish trusting them again would be.

On top of that, the President wants to impose an additional $1 trillion in taxes on top of those he's already added to pay for it all. (We all know that theoretical extra revenue will not be used to pay down the debt, but will instead be spent on stupid and foolish things we don't need, want, or can afford.) That's all we need is to have yet another $1 trillion in capital removed from the economy, money that otherwise would be used to expand businesses, create jobs, and expand the tax base. Neither the President or Congressional Democrats see that every action they have taken over the past 4 years has narrowed the tax base, increased uncertainties in the business world which in turn has discouraged investment and hiring, and stretched out a painful recession and the resulting high unemployment/underemployment an additional 2 years with who knows how many more to follow.

What part of “Enough! Not one red cent more!” does the President fail to understand?

All of it, apparently.