Will Hillary Kill Health Care?

When it comes to Hillary Clinton and her proposal to mandate universal health insurance coverage, it is indeed “déjà vu all over again.”

It is her attempt to create in this country the very health care system that doesn't work in Canada, the UK, France, and a number of other nations with socialized medical care systems. It appears she's taking the old “we had to destroy the village in order to save it” strategy in order to ensure that we won't have the health care we'll need.

All socialized medicine has ever done in any country that has implemented it is to make sure that the health care is equally poor across most social lines and cannot be delivered in a timely fashion. Far too often such 'care' results in death sentences for people that, had they received prompt treatment, would have lived quite normal and healthy lives. (Of course the social elites that forced this upon them, because they are elite, will receive top line care unavailable to the rest of the population.)

Of course Hillary will try to convince us that it's for our own good, that we must all sacrifice for the betterment of all. I seem to recall that someone else once said something very similar. Hmm. Who was it? Ahh, yes, I remember now! It was Vladmir Illich Lenin.

By destroying any chance that we can return health care to market driven incentives to lower costs, the costs will only ever go up. And if you think that we won't have to pay for it, you are sadly mistaken. You can count on your federal taxes to go up and up and up just to pay for the institutional inefficiencies and incompetence that will result from the federalization of health care. I don't even need to cite examples of how this will happen as there are plenty of them just north of the border and across the Atlantic.

Let us hope that cooler heads will prevail and that HillaryCare will die aborning.

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