Pssst. Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy A Bridge?

And we thought the “Bridge to Nowhere” was bad!

It looks like Diane Feinstein will attempt to outdo that bit of pork barrel spending with some of her own....to the tune of $4 billion. (That's billion, with a 'b'.) Unfortunately it will be the veterans of our nation's armed services that will be getting the shaft on this one.

It takes hard work to come up with an earmark more egregious than that infamous Alaskan bridge, but California's Dianne Feinstein is an industrious gal. Her latest pork--let's call it Rambo's View--deserves to be the poster child for everything wrong with today's greedy earmark process.

The senator's $4 billion handout (yes, you read that right) to wealthy West L.A. (yes, you read that right, too) is the ultimate example of how powerful members use earmarks to put their own parochial interests above national ones--in this case the needs of veterans. It's a case study in how Congress uses the appropriations process to substitute its petty wants for the considered judgments of agency professionals. And it's just the latest proof that, no matter how much outrage the American public might display over these deals--and no matter how often Congress promises to clean up its act--the elected have no intention of reforming the process.

Go read the rest and you'll see why it's business as usual in Congress.

Somehow, I'm not surprised.

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