House Representatives From New Hampshire In MoveOn's Pocket?

And speaking of MoveOn.org, it appears that New Hampshire's two members of the House of Representatives are beholden to this exclusionary leftist organization. It appears that MoveOn funneled quite a bit of election money to the two leftist Democrats (at least it's quite a bit of cash by New Hampshire standards). It appears the organization also bought Carol Shea-Porter's and Paul Hodes' support for trying to discredit General Petraeus and to throw a monkey wrench into the works in order to prevent the US from finishing the job in Iraq.

Hodes received $5,000 from Moveon.org in 2006. The organization also spent $1,749 in indirect expenditures to support Hodes that year and $143,266 to oppose Hodes' opponent, Rep. Charlie Bass.

Shea-Porter received no direct contributions from Moveon.org in 2006, but this year she has taken $17,860.51 in forwarded earmarked contributions bundled by the organization.

Both Hodes and Shea-Porter dismissed Gen. Petraeus' testimony this week. Both said they disagreed with his assessment of the situation in Iraq. But why?

They cannot possibly have better intelligence or a more thorough understanding of the situation than the general. Do they think he is lying? Do they agree with Moveon.org that he was "cooking the books for the White House"?

I doubt we'll hear anything from either one of our House Representatives about this.

If they say they disagree with MoveOn they might end up being targeted for replacement by candidates that MoveOn will find more in agreement with their socialist agenda and Blame America First philosophy.

If they say they agree with MoveOn, they will show that they are truly in the pocket of this organization and are not representing the people of New Hampshire. (I have always thought that they haven't kept the best interests of the people of New Hampshire in their minds, that they would pursue Nancy Pelosi's agenda. They've voted with the Speaker of the House 99% of the time, showing that they aren't as independent as they claimed during their campaigns. Or maybe they are independent, but from the people that actually elected them.)

Either way, our 'representatives' to Congress have shown their true colors. I'm beginning to think that both of them may find that they'll only get this one term in office because they've shown their contempt for the people of New Hampshire by their silence in this matter.

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