MoveOn.Org - Vote The Way We Tell You Or Else

Considering past actions by MoveOn.org against Democrats that don't follow their lead, it doesn't surprise me that none of the present crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls have spoken out against that organization's character assassination of General Petraeus.

It appears that only one Democrat in the Senate has said anything at all against the scandalous ad run in the New York Times – Senator John Kerry.

It's sad when those with presidential ambitions won't speak out against actions that everyone knows are dishonorable because they don't want to lose any funding by this admittedly leftist organization. MoveOn has already ordered Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to vote against any funding for the war in Iraq if the legislation does not include language that mandates a timetable for withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Otherwise they will feel the wrath of MoveOn.org.

Who the hell to these moonbats think they are? The Senators and members of the House represent us, not this political organization. MoveOn.org sure as hell doesn't represent me or my interests. It's about time that we remind them of this truth.

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