Thoughts On A Sunday

Deb and I made the shopping rounds this morning, stocking up for the next week or so.

For a Sunday morning the traffic was horrible. It seems that everyone is trying to squeeze a week's worth of 'vacation' into three days. People are driving far faster than they should, leaving less margin for error, and generally behaving as if they were on Boston's Southeast Expressway during rush hour.

Not a good way to spend the Labor Day weekend.


I made the mistake of watching Chris Matthews on TV early this morning, something that got my blood pressure up and darn near had me screaming at the TV screen.

Yet again the pompous windbag was trying to drive home to his audience that all is lost in Iraq and we can all expect General Patraeus to lie like hell about the military progress in Iraq. Supposedly he'll be doing so under orders of the hated George W. Bush.

All of the usual suspects were there as well to bolster his argument. Of course not one of them have been to Iraq and were depending upon reports from the rest of the MSM to form their 'learned' opinions.


A friend of Deb's has come up with a far better term for “summah people” - tourons, or “tourist morons.”

I like it.


It is with politicians such as these that we can bring the conflict in Iraq to a fitting end.


As bad as property taxes here in New Hampshire, they appear to be getting worse just south of the border in Massachusetts. That certainly doesn't help the residents of the Pay State as they also have sales and income taxes they have to pay, too.

Their taxes are going up, yet they're getting less services for what they're paying. That's not a good sign.


On more than one occasion I've written about how rough and choppy it can get out on Lake Winnipesaukee during the weekends. It's even worse when there's a bit of a wind to add to all of the boat wake caused chop. It can get downright dangerous out on the lake when those to elements come together. And so it was Saturday just before noon when a boat with 8 people on board was swamped and sank just off of Rattlesnake Island.

Fortunately all eight people on board were rescued. The boat, however, is still somewhere on the bottom of the lake.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summah people are running around like they've lost their minds, the last days of summer quickly approach, and where there's still plenty of time for a few more cookouts.

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