A Day At The Fair

It was a perfect day for attending a fair. Sunny, warm, and with just enough breeziness to keep things comfortable.

It's the weekend of the 131st annual Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

Deb and I attended with some friends of hers, arriving this morning around 10. Our only 'mishap' of the day was parking, where I got separated from Deb and her friends because I had to park our car in the General Parking area rather than one of the 'special' lots which our friends had managed to obtain a pass that gained them admittance. I, on the other hand, was turned away, which meant I had to seek parking elsewhere.

I did manage to find them waiting for me at one of the gates near their parking area, but it took me a while to reach them.

Once we got inside the fairgrounds it was quite obvious that the most common activity there had to be eating. There were food stalls and trailers everywhere. The most common food items available were french fries, hot sausage sandwiches, fried dough, and onion rings. There were also more than enough food vendors selling pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and unidentifiable fried critters on a stick .

As much as I would have liked to, we ran out of time to see many of the exhibits I would have liked to have seen: the tractor pulls, horse pulls, oxen pulls, machinery demonstrations (tractors, portable saw mills, and antique donkey engines) as well as a wealth of carpentry, well drilling, home improvement, and energy products that were spread out all over the fairgrounds.

We did make it down to the amusement rides, though we didn't partake of any of them.

Frankly, it isn't really possible to see everything one might like to see in a single day. I think that next year we'll have to allow two days in order to see all the things that we find interesting.

Well, maybe next year.....

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