Will Iran Collapse Due To The Mullah's Neglect?

Reading reports about the unrest in Iran brought about by the latest economic setback, in this case gas rationing, has got me to thinking that the days of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the mad mullahs may be numbered.

While the government has been saying that the protests and riots have been orchestrated by “ “terrorists”, “enemies” and “American dollars.” ”

Gas stations have been burned, large groups have chanted “Death to Ahmadinejad” and attacked city government buildings to show their anger at the government's inability to keep Iran's economy moving.

Iran's ruling mullahs have managed to ignore the one thing that gives them the funds to spread their revolution: oil.

Years of neglect to the infrastructure that pumps the oil from the wells and to oil terminals in the Persian Gulf or to broken down Iranian oil refineries are finally making themselves felt. Neglected oil refineries is one of the major reasons gas rationing has been imposed upon the Iranian populace. It's putting an even bigger burden upon them than anything the UN or the US could do.

By rationing petrol, Ahmadinejad has just imposed his own sanctions on the people of Iran, which are bigger and more devastating than anything the West could have achieved in the immediate future. The ensuing massive loss of popularity means that the people of Iran will now be less inclined to follow Ahmadinejad’s calls for hardship and sacrifice against further sanctions.

If it goes as many hopes it does, a second Iranian Revolution could take place, this time tearing down the theocratic dictatorship and replacing it with a true democracy.

(H/T Instapundit)

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