NH Senate Kills Mandatory Seatbelt Bill

At least New Hampshire's legislature got something right this session.

The New Hampshire Senate voted to kill the mandatory seatbelt bill (HB802) by a margin of 16 to 8.

It seems that the legislature is hellbent on converting the Granite State into the Granny State, passing laws about smoking in restaurants, bars, and pubs, transfats in restaurant foods, and so on. It used to be that we were a state filled with people willing and able to make their own decisions about their lives. But this legislature, recently turned to a Democratic majority due to the voters dismay with President Bush, seemed to think that they were voted in to pursue a liberal busybody agenda that has so far boosted state spending by 16%, passed a civil union law, and is pointing us down a road where the towns and cities will soon lose control over their own school systems. Somehow these legislators think that they were voted in because we all liked them and their spendthrift agendas. But what rally happened was that voters didn't so much as vote them in as vote against the incumbents. I have a feeling that many of the new Democrats in the House and Senate may find that they won't win re-election because of their “we know better than you” attitudes.

But the State Senate showed some backbone in killing the seatbelt legislation, something that most people in New Hampshire were very much against.

Now if we could get them to repeal the civil union law (flawed) and the 16% state budget increase....

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