Thoughts On A Sunday

One would think that it's fall rather than summer with the temps we've seen around here the past couple of days. It barely reached 60°F here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire on Saturday. It felt even colder because it was quite windy on top of everything else.

I don't feel so bad that The Boat is still in the shop. Who'd want to go out on the lake with weather like this? At least I'll be able to pick it up on Monday and maybe take a quick 'shakedown' cruise to check out the repairs.


While much of the US media seems be sharpening their knives in preparation for Fred Thompson announcing his candidacy, the Times in the UK really seems to like the former US Senator. The article about Fred in the Sunday edition points out that even his ex-girlfriends and ex-wife will be campaigning for him.

I think that says something about the man's character.


On the other hand, the Times also believes that John McCain may pull out of the race by September.


It's not often that I disagree with Megan McArdle, but on the issue of immigration, I have a bone to pick.

It appears to me that she's all for immigration. So am I. However, I am against illegal immigration, regardless of where the illegals come from. I may have mistaken her take on this, but she doesn't appear to make any differentiation between legal and illegal immigrants. And that's where we part ways.

Though her two posts on the issue deal more with assimilation of immigrants (or the perceived lack thereof), at no point did I find her saying anything about the problems with illegal immigration.

If we're going to talk about immigration and the problems that have always been associated with it, then illegal immigration should also be included.


Despite being without the services of The Boat, we did manage to sort of get out on the lake today. Well, more like along the edge of the lake. All it took was a visit to one of Deb's friends who happens to live on the shore of Alton Bay.

BeezleBub managed to get some swimming in off the dock, but neither Deb or I joined him. The lake water is still a little too chilly for me.


You know it's getting really bad in California when talk about heterosexual marriage is considered a hate crime.

It's time for the wackos in California to get an effin' clue.


I went to see the new Fantastic Four movie tonight with my pal Jake.

It was far better than the first one, despite what the usually clueless movie critics have said.

I also plan to see the new Bruce Willis picture – Live Free Or Die Hard – next month, along with the new Harry Potter picture.

One thing I love about summer is that the quality of the movies is usually better...though not always.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where school is finally out, the summerfolk are arriving in droves, and the first really hot days of the summer are on their way.

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