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Motorcycle Week has arrived in the Lakes Region. While there aren't all that many bikers here yet, the numbers will swell as we approach next weekend. After a brief jaunt out on the lake yesterday morning I headed over the Lakeside Diner for breakfast. It will be the last trip there until after Bike Week because it will be crowded with the motorcyclists visiting the area for the festivities.


Fred Thompson will be visiting New Hampshire on June 28th to speak at the Senate Republican PAC fundraiser to be held in Bedford, just outside of the city Manchester.


Speaking of Fred, the latest AP-Ipsos poll shows him in third place at 17% behind Rudy Giuliani and John McCain and ahead of Mitt Romney. Not bad considering Fred hasn't even declared his candidacy yet.


Are the world's left-wing 'ecologists' really nothing more than closet bigots that have no regard for the very people they say they are supposedly helping? From some of their actions I'd have to say they are. They don't seem to care anything about the people they are 'saving from the modern world' if, by their actions, they end up extending the misery and shortening the lives of these people.

One could justifiably call it eco-manslaughter — or a racist experiment on powerless, impoverished Third World families.

Would any of the greens, politicians and celebrities who clamor to keep the world's poor "indigenous" (and thus impoverished, energy-deprived and diseased) care to live that lifestyle for even one month? Would they exchange their 10,000-square-foot mansions for a hovel, give up electricity and stop globe-trotting in private jets?

Not likely.

It is hypocrisy to a level I haven't seen in years.


George Will warns us that the Democrats want to raise taxes, but know that in doing so they may quash the economic growth that the Reagan and Bush tax cuts helped create.

Somehow some of the Democrats seem to think that the tax system could be more “fair”, but as anyone knows, any tax system is inherently unfair. Somebody somewhere gets taxed out of proportion to everyone else.

Now if we could only get Congress to get rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax, the one that was supposed to “tax the rich”, but is now hitting many middle income families with a heavy tax burden. It was the Democrats that got this into the tax code, but made the mistake of not indexing it to inflation. Now many taxpayers that were never meant to be affected by the AMT are forced to pay it.

Will they fix the problem any time soon? I doubt it. After all, in many of the more radical Democrats minds you're “rich” if you have a job.


BeezleBub, Deb, and I took a late afternoon/early evening cruise out on the lake today. Most of the weekenders were either gone or coming in from the lake as we were heading out.

The one thing that we noticed was the amount of pollen floating on the water, no matter where we cruised. It was like a green tinged lace blanket on the surface.

We made it over to Weirs Beach to check out the motorcycle traffic along Lakeside Avenue. It's really starting to get busy. Hopefully we'll get a chance to spend some time walking amongst the bikers next weekend.


Jeff Soyer illustrates for us once again how disarming the law abiding populace only leads to more gun violence, not less. This time it's Chicago's turn to learn the lesson.


So much attention has been paid to Paris Hilton's jailing and her so-called medical condition. I'm sorry, but this isn't really news. It is something that does nothing more than feed this vacuous, spoiled, untalented young woman's ego. Folks, she's famous for being famous and for having the morals of an alley cat.

That people are actually signing petitions to get her freed from jail merely illustrates how horribly empty their lives are. She's guilty of driving drunk and then violating the conditions of her probation. She has to pay the price, otherwise she will come to believe she is above the law (Oh, wait, she already does!) and that her actions will have no consequences. The 45 days of jail time will certainly disabuse her of that notion. She'll be less likely to pull that kind of stunt again.

Let's face it, if any one of use had been convicted of drunk driving, the chances are we wouldn't have gotten probation. And if we did, we'd be put in the slammer without all the brouhaha and media attention.

We should let her fade away into the obscurity she so richly deserves.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the bikers are arriving in droves, the lake is still not seeing the kind of boat traffic we're used to, and where schools have a little over a week before they're out for the summer.

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