Fred Thompson Roundup II

With the buzz about Fred Thompson's formation of an exploratory committee, it's time to see what the various pundits are saying, as well as reading what the man himself has been saying.

First, there's Professor Bainbridge, listing the reasons why he likes Fred.

Then there's what Mike Corallo called “drinking from a fire hose” in regards to the response of Politico's report that Fred was quickly moving towards a presidential campaign.

Jonah Goldberg also chimes in on Fred's imminent run for the White House, saying “Better off Fred?”

Race 4 2008 points out that anti-Southern bigotry might hurt Fred Thompson's chances, according to a comment made by Hugh Hewitt during his radio show.

The Washington Post covered Fred's speech in Richmond, Virginia at the Virginia GOP gala, giving him high marks for covering points that conservatives have held to be dear.

Then there's this directly from Fred, opining about Hugo Chavez's efforts to complete the conversion of Venezuela from a democracy to a socialist dictatorship and how it bodes ill for the US if we take no actions to counter Chavez's support of anti-Americanism and Cuban-style socialism throughout South and Central America.

Last, but not least, there was a segment on Fred on in today's Meet The Press. All of the panelists thought that Fred could be one to make the Republican race more interesting. The consensus was that it is not too late for him to enter, even if he waits another month or so.

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