One Last Chance To Wrest Away Control Of NH Schools From The Courts

The battle over education funding in New Hampshire is heating up again.

Not one, but two state constitutional amendments about education are in the hands of the state Senate. All that we can do is hope that at least one of them will pass. Let's hope that it comes to pass, otherwise the state Supreme Court will step in and decide for the people of New Hampshire what constitutes an adequate education and the amount needed to fund it.

Never mind that it is damn near impossible to make a one-size-fits-all solution work in this state mainly because the needs of each town's school system is different. Never mind that such a thing will remove all control of the school systems from the towns and hand it over to a state bureaucracy. Never mind that it will inevitably destroy the quality of our school systems and make them equally mediocre and inadequate like so many other states that have taken control of the schools. Never mind that the people will have no say in how much of our tax money will or will not be spent on education.

If the legislature fails to act on these amendments we will have allowed an activist court to step over the line of the constitutionally mandated separation of powers and take on the duties and powers of both the legislative and executive branches to tax and spend.

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