War For Oil? Yeah, Right...

How many times have we heard that the war in Iraq was a “War for Oil”? But looking at the facts, anybody should be able to figure out for themselves that Operation Iraqi Freedom was anything but.

In case you are one of the folks out there that still believes that Iraq was indeed a War for Oil, the other Weekend Pundit (Texas style) gives us some points to ponder.

1) Did the original Gulf War open additional oil reserves to the U.S.? Answer: No, in fact it tightened the market by reducing oil output from Iraq, previously a top supplier of U.S. oil.

2) Has the current war resulted in increased oil production in the Middle East? Answer: No, instead it has reduced Iraq’s oil output even further because of insurgent attacks on the oil industry in an effort to starve the fragile new government of a key resource.

3) Have oil prices improved as a result of either war? Answer: No, prices have skyrocketed as a result of a tightening market and increased worries over Middle East stability, terrorist attacks and U.S. military ambitions against Iran, Syria, Libya and other possible targets.

If this was a War for Oil, then we've failed miserably.

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