A Message To Feminazis - Shut The Hell Up!

Raven touches upon a subject that has been a sore spot for me for a very long time – Feminazis. Actually, Raven does more than touch upon it. She beats it to a richly deserved death.

As she writes, “Feminists have ruined sex for what it's supposed to be.”

They have, over the years, tried very hard to revictimize women, saying that they aren't capable of consenting to anything a man might propose. Don't they realize how many women fought for equal rights over the decades in order to make their own choices, good or bad? Now they want to throw all of that away, insisting that women can't make those choices. Instead, it is men who must change, to become more like the women these radical feminists say women are: weak and unable to make their own choices.

That's just plain stupid.

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