Thoughts On A Sunday

The summer solstice has come and gone, meaning we are actually in summer now.

It's about time.

We have plans to spend a lot of time out on the lake over the next three months. We made a pretty good start today, with over three hours out on the lake with one of Deb's friends and her daughter. We even managed to take a dip near the Ellacoya State Park beach.


Cap'n Ed links to and comments upon posts made by Michael Ledeen and Andy McCarthy about the media's War on War, and particularly about the New York Times' effort to damage national security by telling the jihadis/harabahis how the government is tracking them through bank transactions.

Way to go, NYT.


And speaking of the NYT debacle, Michelle Malkin has a number of interesting photoshopped posters that gets the point across.


This ought to give Holocaust deniers something to think about.

(H/T D.C. Thornton)


Want to see the real cause of the oil shortage? Sacred Cow Burgers has a pretty good idea.

(H/T D.C. Thornton, again!)


BeezleBub and I managed to catch two movies over the weekend, one in the theater and one on DVD.

We caught Cars at the local megamulticineplex. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The nice thing about it is that it was entertaining on two levels – one that kids understand and one that adults get. It is definitely a family movie.

We watched Eight Below on DVD. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's based on a true story about a team of sled dogs that were abandoned at an Antarctic research station. Six of the eight dogs managed to survive the Antarctic winter on their own. It may not sound like much of story premise, but it was one heck of a good movie.


I like animals. I really do. But I'm not willing to put the lives of people I don't know in to jeopardy in a misguided effort to save a turtle. But somebody else didn't seem to mind doing just that.

Some folks have absolutely no smarts whatsoever.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the 600 foot no wake zone has been repealed, boating season is in full swing, and where someone's vacation begins next weekend.

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