An Attempt To Pull The Rug Out

I've been listening with interest to the debate in the U.S Senate about our troops in Iraq and proposed troop withdrawals. Two bills, one requiring troops to leave Iraq in 2007, the other asking for a draw down with no deadline for total withdrawal, caused lively debate among the members of the Senate. The first bill, sponsored by Senators John Kerry (D- MA) and Russ Feinstein (D-WI), drew the most ire from both Republicans and Democrats.

Called the “Cut and Run” bill, it was lambasted by Democrats and Republicans alike, and voted down 86-13. But that hasn't deterred John Kerry from pushing for abandoning the Iraqis to the tender mercies of the insurgents. It seems he's forgotten what it is we did to the Vietnamese. He's also forgotten the 61 years that American troops have been stationed in Europe. That's 61 years after the end of World War II.

But then he's an expert at bailing out of a conflict. He certainly showed his savvy when he managed to come up with three Purple Hearts in only 4 months during his service in Vietnam, giving him a ticket home eight months early. At least one of those Purple Hearts came under questionable circumstances. Once he was home he then lied about the activities of troops in Vietnam during the Winter Soldier hearings, claiming to have witnessed atrocities in locations he'd never been. (Yes, I'm slamming Senator Kerry. Then again, he has proven himself to be a less than honorable veteran. It looks like he wants to extend his 'philosophy' to cover the men and women serving in Iraq.)

The second bill, derisively labeled the “Cut and Jog” bill, called for a reduction of troop strength in Iraq, but with an open ended commitment. It too received much deserved derision on the floor of the Senate. It was also defeated by a 60-39 margin, with much of the voting along party lines.

Listening to the statements made by a number of senators on the Senate floor, it became quite obvious that too many of the Democrats truly had no understand of how damaging these bills were. I also got the impression that a few of them didn't really care. It also became obvious to me that they didn't understand the will of the American people or that of the troops in Iraq.

Sen. Harry Reid (D- NV) says that “the direction of the war in Iraq must change direction, and change now.” The only directional change that I can see that he's talking about is to move away from victory and towards defeat. But isn't that what some Democrats and many of the Left want? I get the impression that they would shed crocodile tears if our efforts in Iraq failed as long as they got the chance to say “See? We told you so!” Is it possible that they can't stand the idea that maybe, just maybe, the US did the right thing in deposing a brutal dictator with dreams of becoming the next Saladin?

Over the next few months I expect to see the more leftist Hate-America-First Democrats show their true colors. As the mid-term elections approach, those suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome will go over the edge and most of America will see that they don't have Americans' best interests at heart.

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