Bike Week Update

I've been remiss in my coverage of Motorcycle Week here in the Laconia area. I plan to make the trip to Weirs Beach over the next two days and take lots of pictures.

In the mean time, here are a number if links to articles covering a few of the activities:

Start of a new “tradition” for Bike Week – Bike Bash. The rain kept attendance down on the first day.

The hillclimb at Gunstock in Gilford was a rousing success, with spills, thrills, and few, if any, injuries. However it was the girls who were the big hit at the hillclimb.

Graffiti is one thing, but graffiti art is something else, particularly if this guy is the artist.

And a potpourri, including signs, worship services, gator meat, sharp objects, and sanctuaries from the occasional showers.

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