A Brief Report - Bike Week Friday

While we didn't make it to the center of all of the Bike Week action, mainly Lakeside Avenue at Weirs Beach, we did motor on by on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, aka “The Boat”. We even managed to snap a few photos, which you can see below. (Unfortunately we had another mission at hand that took priority – putting gas into The Boat. We headed to the south end of Paugus Bay where the cheapest gas on the lake can be found. We paid $2.92/gal at Lakeport Landing while everyone else was selling it at between $3.25 and $3.29/gal.)

But be not disheartened as we shall return to the Weirs tomorrow morning with digital camera in hand. We plan to take loads of photos that will be posted here, somewhere. Of course, Deb has an ulterior motive for returning to the Weirs tomorrow – she wants to see Free Beer and Hot Wings, hosts of a syndicated radio morning show that we both listen to during the week. They will be broadcasting from the Weirs tomorrow and she wants to see them.

While the number of motorcyclists seemed below what we usually see at the beginning week, those numbers have swelled since Thursday morning to what we normally see during the latter half of Bike Week.

Bikes At Endicott Park.jpg

Motorcycles Parked At Endicott Park At The Weirs

Lakeside Avenue At The Beach.jpg

A View Of The Festivities On Lakeside Avenue At The Weirs As Seen From The Lake

Balloon Rides At The Weirs.jpg

Balloon Rides At The Weirs Give A Birds Eye View

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