Who Supports Violence For Political Goals?

Who is it who is increasingly believing violence in support of political goals is acceptable? Here’s a hint:

It’s not the so-called ‘Conservative Right-Wing Extremists/Nationalists/Whateverists’.

Despite what the DNC-MSM has been promoting over the past 4 years, it turns out that particular ‘group’ does not support the idea of violence to promote politics, according to a study by Stanford University and the University of Michigan.

...It asked people if they consider violence acceptable in achieving political goals.

- Among whites, 86.8% of moderates in 2016 said "not at all," meaning violence is never acceptable. This means 13.2% did think violence is sometimes okay.

- In 2020, the number of moderates who believe violence is "not at all" justified went down, meaning the number of moderates who believe violence is acceptable went up (14.2%).

- The number of "somewhat conservative" whites who believe political violence is never justified went six points down from 2016 to 2020. Only 5.8% now consider such violence acceptable.

- "Very conservative" white people were the least likely to approve of political violence, with only 4.2% in that category.

- "Somewhat liberal" whites had a slight decrease in people who tolerate political violence, while solidly "liberal" whites actually had more acceptance of violence – up to 17.2% in 2020 from 11.9% in 2016.

- "Very liberal" whites had the biggest change, with 33.5% believing political violence is sometimes justified compared to only 13.1% in 2018.

While this doesn’t automatically equate to people actually committing violence to support their political viewpoints, one does have to ask if it means they will actually support violence should it take place as long as it is done in order to push their political viewpoints. It’s scary that some groups are more willing to support political violence than they were four years ago.

It must also must be understood that just because someone does not support political violence doesn’t automatically mean they won’t defend themselves, their families, or their communities from those who have no compunction against committing acts of violence to force their political viewpoints on others.