Disqus Strikes Again

Are any of you out there using Disqus for commenting at various websites?

If so, I must ask if any if you have had issues with posting comments that are either immediately removed or ‘held’ for moderation? I know I have.

My most recent experience has proven to me the algorithm they use to ‘censor’ comments needs to be adjusted. The comment I posted that got removed by the electronic busybody?

I had a comment held for 'review' just yesterday. It was immediate which meant it was an algorithm that put it into that status and not a moderator. The comment had to do with two breeds of cats, Maine Coon Cats and Savannahs.

A follow-on comment was also removed immediately, and I followed up with:

I just tried responding to you and my comment was immediately removed. It concerned another comment I posted yesterday about two breeds of cats. I guess the algorithm doesn't like the cat breed from Maine.

It seems the Disqus algorithm doesn’t like the word “Coon” even though it is in relation to a breed of cats, specifically Maine Coon Cats. I guess it sees that word as racist or derogatory regardless of context. It isn’t, specifically when referring to a breed of cat. Or maybe the folks at Disqus just don’t like Maine Coon Cats.

For your information, ‘Coon’ in Maine Coon Cats refers to racoons and is not a racial slur. But try telling the algorithm that…or anyone on the Disqus staff. They don’t even have a contact e-mail address or link on their website, so filing complaints or asking questions not covered by their FAQ is impossible.