Thoughts On A Sunday

Just a fair warning: This week’s TOAS is going to be an abbreviated version as I have been busy most of the day. I spent some time with a couple of friends I have mentioned once or twice, these friends being refugees from San Francisco. They relocated to New Hampshire at the end of last summer, taking up temporary residence in the city of Portsmouth. (I think I may have also mentioned they were closeted conservatives, something that made life in San Francisco even more daunting.)

Between breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast eateries (an actual diner, not a wannabe) and a few hours at one of our local ski resorts, it took up a good portion of the day, hence a shortened post today.


One observation from today’s activities: a lot of people are still making best use of the outdoor recreational facilities. Lift tickets, cross-country passes, and snow-tubing tickets at the ski resorts were all sold out. (We were smart enough to buy our tickets online a few days ago.) The parking lots were full and the lifts were busy as was the food court/restaurant. Some of this was likely due to it being close to the end of the resort’s ski season, with it being open only on weekends going forward. That we’ll also be seeing three days with temps in the 50’s and 60’s later in the week may also have something to do with it because who knows how much that will affect the snow cover on the trails and slopes.

One thing that didn’t make sense was the requirement to wear masks...outdoors. It makes sense if customers were inside the rental office, welcome center, or food court/restaurant. But wearing them outside when on a lift or coming down the slopes?

Then again, there wasn’t heavy enforcement of the mask mandate. So it might be seen more as a “We have to go through the motions to placate The Powers That Be, but we’re not going to be obsessive about it” action.


First it was Dr. Seuss. Then it was Mr. Potato Head.

Now it’s Pepe Le Pew.

This has gone beyond ridiculous and well into the absurd...and insane. Then again, it’s the New York Times Charles Blow making a big deal about this, and that explains everything.


And that’s the (very abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it’s still quite chilly, it’s been sunny all day, and where Town Meetings start this coming week.