University Of Texas Cancels Cancel Culture

Has ‘cancel culture’ gone too far? Yup. It did that a long time ago.

The ignorant have tried to cancel Dr. Seuss, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and even Mr. Potato Head.

The latest target?

The University of Texas and its well-known song “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”.

It’s more than that, of course, It’s a Texas institution and now, cancel culture hysterics have come for it.

But it’s very hard to cancel an institution. Knock down a few statues, erase the history books — these are easy. But the history, tradition, and sheer emotion tied up into an institution — even the barbarians will have trouble canceling that.


Now, on the 185th anniversary of Texas independence, controversy threatens it. But the song won’t be canceled without a fight.


Do these children really believe they’re fighting racism by canceling a song? Tearing down a monument? Scrubbing a history text? Racism is a disease of the heart and soul and isn’t cured by inflaming passions against the fight against it by attacking symbols that have nothing to do with racism unless the meaning or context in which they appear is horribly twisted by those not seeking to heal but to hurt.

At bottom, cancel culture is cruelty writ large. Symbols that have deep personal meaning to perhaps millions of people are attacked with full knowledge that they are injuring their feelings. That’s cruel and unjust.

Right now, fear of being seen as “racist” is what’s driving this effort forward. Perhaps fear of suffering financially is the antidote. Neither solution is optimal and none will be found as long as the goal isn’t ending racism, as much as it is revenge against those who perpetrated historic injustices.

Cancel culture is part and parcel of so many SJWs, pushing ‘social justice’ that so often has little or nothing to do with actual justice. You don’t right past wrongs by committing new wrongs “in the name of justice”. The new wrongs fix nothing and generate even more animosity and harsh feelings, just the opposite of what should be taking place.

But apparently those new wrongs make those participating in cancel culture feel better about themselves for having done ‘something’, even if it’s the wrong something and everyone else can go screw themselves.

Yeah, like that attitude is going to help fix things.