Do The Woke Really Care About Those They Say They're 'Helping'?

Some of you know of my disappointment over major league sports like the MLB, NBA, and NFL caving in to a small but vocal minority and going ‘woke’. As they will be finding out as so many other businesses have found out, going ‘woke’ is likely to make them go ‘broke’. They stop attending to the business that they’re supposed to be dealing with and instead cater to a small minority of people, many who are neither fans or patrons, all while pissing off the people upon whom they depend.

One example that comes to immediately to mind is Gillette, who caved to the ‘woke’ and ran a series of ads that both denigrated and insulted their main customer base – men – and tried to pull in portions of the LBGTQ demographic. The result - over $9 billion in sales disappeared. (Yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’.) Their sales have not recovered.

That major league sports have caved to many of the same ‘woke’ has already caused an increasing number of long time fans to say “We’re done” and choose to no longer support their teams. (I am one of those. Both the NBA and NFL are dead to me. MLB is pretty close and I’ve lost all interest in NASCAR.)

One egregious example of just how ‘woke’ the NFL has become is the drive to change the names of sports teams that white people think should be offensive to non-whites. The example that stands out is the drive to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something that isn’t offensive. But have any of those pushing for the change or considering the change bothered to ask the people on whose behalf the ‘woke’ are being offended by the name whether or not they are actually offended by the name?


Maybe they should, but they won’t because the ‘woke’ know better than the people they say should be offended. Here’s the take from one Native American about the whole ‘controversy’:

Or how about this one:

Or this one:

To the ‘woke’ it appears the opinions and desires of those they say they support don’t matter. We must ask the question: Why is that?