Grammar Is Racist? What's Next?

From the “Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider” Department comes this from Rutgers University.

It seems the Rutgers English Department has declared grammar is ‘racist’.

The English Department at Rutgers University has declared that proper use of grammar is a hidden form of racism because it disadvantages students of “multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds.”


“Variability instead of accuracy” means incorrect usage of grammatical norms. It’s nice that someone speaks a foreign language, but isn’t the whole point of teaching proper grammar teaching foreigners the proper way to speak English?

Yes, but it’s white and it’s male, and it’s gotta go.

Unfortunately, Rutgers apparently missed the mark with some activists. Aside from being incomprehensibly stupid, the change is, itself, virulently racist.

Indeed. This is taking the whole ‘racism’ thing from the sublime to the extremely ridiculous. We’ve already heard from other quarters that math is racist. The 1619 Project has already declared that history is racist. I suppose every subject of study will eventually be declared as racist. That’s where all of this seems to be heading.

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid this has become. It’s scary to think just how stupid it will become.