Thoughts On A Sunday

We had a respite from the hot and humid weather for a few days, but we were right back into it starting Saturday and it will last until some time after Monday. It isn’t that we aren’t used to weather like that since we get it over the summer. But when the humidity reaches a level of that in the tropics, it becomes oppressive. Even thinking causes one to sweat profusely.

At least we have respites from the hot, hazy, and humid weather. If not cooling off in the lake, we do have our local swimming pool here where The Gulch is located. There is also air conditioning if one doesn’t want to take refuge in the water. There are also a plethora of cool and cold refreshments available all throughout the Lakes Region to help one deal with the weather.

All in all, I think we’ll survive in fine fashion.


I first saw this in the comments over at Chris Muir’s Day By Day cartoon website and I realized it fit.

Quoth the commenter:

Personally I think Klantifa is far more descriptive of the bunch.

Ayuh. I’d say that nails it.


It may be just me, but does it seem the MSM reporting only part of the story regarding Covid-19?

With the exception of one of our local TV stations, it seems all of the news being reported is bad. You don’t hear about the continuing downward trend in deaths. You don’t hear that even at its worst, the US death rate was far below that in Europe and Asia. You don’t hear about the demographic breakdown of the latest cases. You didn’t hear about the misreported high number of new cases in one state (Florida) caused by a math error.

My biggest question about the reporting, one that must be asked of both the MSM and the CDC, is how many deaths attributed to Covid-19 were not actually caused by Covid-19? (Our local TV station did mention that in passing, related to the high number of Covid-19 deaths taking place in “long-term care facilities” in our state. But that was the extent of it.)


One thing I and others have noticed during this summer is the lack of attention of drivers on the road and and out on the lake. It isn’t limited to folks from away, at least not from what we’ve witnessed. (Some of this was discussed with friends of mine at our boat slips early yesterday evening...at least the “on the lake” part. Our observations were similar and matched what I’ve heard from other friends and co-workers.)

I don’t recall it ever being this bad. Could it have something to do with the aftermath of months of isolation due to Covid-19?


Has Portland, Oregon become a lawless city?

Has the mayor abandoned his duties and his oath of office by letting Antifa rioters run rampant for 51 days straight? Does his hamstringing of federal law enforcement and disdain for the Portland PD signal that he he cares more for ‘woke’ activists with a penchant for violence than for the people of his city? It’s beginning to look that way.


DaTechGuy Blog asks the question, “What if we applied the Left’s Woke Rules to the NBA and NFL rosters?”

The left keeps insisting that we have to be hiring based on race in everything from police to orchestras so they “better reflect the communities they serve”.

What if we did this to the NBA & NFL or even MLB?

Think about that for a second.


Oddly I don’t hear anyone arguing that since the black population is about 12% that whites are unfairly underrepresented in the NBA or the NFL. We don’t see people insisting that that cause for this discrepancy is “systematic racism” Yet the same people who scream that because the number of black coaches is closer to the actual black population of this country as opposed to the percentage of blacks in the league don’t find it odd that those same coaches and the front offices seem to be signing black players way out of disproportion to white ones.

The simple fact is this. We have, thanks to the efforts of actual civil rights leaders (as opposed to the demagogues of today) reached a point where the primary question as to the signing of a defensive back or a wide receiver or a quarterback or a center in the NBA or a center fielder is the skill set of said player rather than their race (and occasionally the price - see Cam Newton NE Patriots).

This is as it should be.

So when the racial demagogues start demanding quotas in all kinds of fields tell them you’ll consider it as soon as those same demographic quotas are applied to the high paying jobs in the NFL/NBA & MLB.

I think we can figure out what the response to that will be.

One has to wonder just how far these kinds of demands will go? How ridiculous will it get? Will it have the effects that proponents think it will, or will it cause wide ranging damage to our economy? Will it foment more racial strife rather than less, particularly if people lose their jobs solely due to their race? Would black athletes accept losing their jobs to less qualified or capable white athletes because this kind of “justice” demands a racial balance in all things?


Something I realized I needed to add to today’s TOAS: I have been having issues posting to Blogger, with the server having difficulties saving drafts, uploading images, and publishing posts. Saturday’s post was a perfect example of the difficulties as the first time I tried to post it back on Tuesday and the server refused to save the draft or upload the image. (It wasn’t that specific picture that was problematic, but any image. It also didn’t matter whether I was using my laptop, desktop, or my work laptop – used only to test if it was a computer or location specific issue – or time of day.

Finally, Blogger accepted the post yesterday. Hopefully it will accept today’s post.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it’s hot, hazy, and humid, the lake is full of boats, and where returning to work on Monday isn’t such a bad thing if work is air-conditioned.