Trump's Superpowers

I don’t know about you, but I know I’m tired of listening to the Left and Right talking/crowing/yelling about the Nothingburger that is Trump’s Ukraine Telephone Call and the third/fourth/fifth-hand “whistleblower” that heard from his/her brother-in-law’s barber’s cousin’s taxidermist that Trump tried to ‘Godfather’ Ukraine’s president into getting something on Joe Biden and his son.

So let’s talk about Trump’s superpowers, those being his ability to make his adversaries crazy all while making them to do stupid things. After all, how else can you explain Adam Schiff’s bizarre performance during the House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry, when he started making up quotes from the transcript of the telephone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky?

Did Trump cloud Schiff’s mind, making him see things that weren’t there? Did he use his powers to drive Nancy Pelosi to announce the impeachment inquiry when she knew it was likely to cost her fellow Democrats dearly next November?