Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s the last ‘official’ summer weekend, meaning it’s Labor Day weekend. With a lot of schools having moved their starting dates to after Labor Day (as they were for decades and decades) the number of folks making the best of the last week/weekend of summer.

Road traffic has been very heavy as has boat traffic on the lakes. (This last is why we tend to go out on to the lake during the early evenings on weekends – little boat traffic – unless we’re planning on going to one of our favorite places on the lake and anchor for some swimming, eating, and recreating.) The seasonal restaurants and food shacks have been busy since Friday afternoon. Some are closing for the season after Labor Day and others will be open only on weekends until Columbus Day weekend.

It’s been a great summer up here in New Hampshire, probably one of the better ones we’ve had for some time. The weather has been cooperative. Visitors had more money to spend and they certainly did so. Restaurants were busy. (The only exception I can think of is one that closed for the summer because they couldn’t get the help they needed to be able to operate. They had less than half the staff they required to be able to meet the needs of their customers and the owners decided it would be worse to be open and not be able to serve their customers than to be closed for the summer.) Campgrounds were full. Other tourist attractions saw big crowds all through the season.

Despite that, a lot of us are looking forward to having our towns, our roads, our lakes, and our hangouts returned to us now that many of the summerfolk will be gone. We’ll still be out on the lakes for another few weeks.

About the only complaint I have is that summer passed by so quickly. It seems as if Memorial Day was only a couple of weeks ago and the Fourth of July was just this past week. Where did the time go?

In the meantime we’ll be preparing for the invasion of the leaf peepers once the foliage starts changing into its fall colors.


As I write this the National Weather Service has declared Hurricane Dorian is a Category 5 hurricane. Of course, I expect the AGW faithful to declare that Dorian is proof that climate change is All-The-Fault-Of-The-Evil-Humans and that we must act NOW to ‘save’ the Earth. That we haven’t seen the number or severity of hurricanes the AGW faithful said we’d be experiencing means nothing to them. If anything the number and severity of hurricanes has been decreasing, but they won’t let those facts get in the way of the narrative.


It appears the backlash from the #MeToo movement is worse than some researchers thought it would be. Anyone paying attention to what’s been going on, particularly on many of our nation’s college campuses, knew just such a response was coming. It’s called “survival” and that men (and some women) have been taking precautions to prevent the possibility of even a hint of impropriety. While some people have ridiculed the so-called “Pence Rule”, many are embracing it if for no other reason than to protect themselves from false accusations or misperceived words or gestures being turned into sexual assault or harassment accusations.

It has led to tighter scrutiny in hiring, particularly of female applicants. It has led to the reluctance of male executives to mentor female executives trying to work their way up. It has led male executives refusing to make business trips with female colleagues. Ironically, it has hurt the hiring prospects for attractive women in some industries, with HR not wanting to hire someone that could be a target of harassment or bait for creating false harassment/sexual assault claims.

That #MeToo supporters didn’t see this coming shows just how shortsighted they’ve been and continue to be.


What gets me about the shootings in Midland and Odessa, Texas that took place yesterday is that the gun-grabbers went into full “We gotta DO SOMETHING!” mode. They want to make it even more difficult for anyone to buy guns, this before anyone knows anything about the now-dead shooter.

The whole thing started when Texas state troopers made a traffic stop and the driver of the vehicle they were stopping opened fire on the officers. From there it turned into a mobile shooting rampage, with the shooter firing randomly from his vehicle. Some of the wounded are police officers, shot by the miscreant.

What prompted the shooter to open fire on the police officers? Were there arrest warrants out for him? Was he a wanted felon? Was he an ex-convict carrying a gun he shouldn’t have had? Was a he a drug courier carrying drugs, cash, or both? Or was he someone who was pissed off at the entire world and wanted to go out in a blaze of gunfire? Nobody knows at this point. Nobody.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the same folks who have little or no respect for the US Constitution, either the First or Second Amendments, from going into full meltdown mode in an effort strip even more of our rights from us. No crisis is too good to pass up if it promotes their cause. The truth of the matter is unknown yet they will push the narrative that the shooter represents every gun owner in America.

Yeah. Right.


Speaking of guns and how bloodthirsty all of us gun owners are, there’s this little disconnect from that narrative that shows just the opposite.

The three states in the US that are supposedly “lawless” regarding gun ownership and the right to carry are three of the safest states in the country.

Those three states have something else in common. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. They are all next to each other, and they all have Constitutional carry.

With armed citizens wandering about sans the consent and constant annoyance of busy-body liberals trying to turn them into victims.

The Safest States in the nation. Again! And New Hampshire, making the list (again) in the same year it passed Constitutional Carry into law.

No wild west, no blood in the streets.

You have to go to places like Detroit or Chicago for that. Where they have plenty of the restrictions for which New Hampshire Democrats are pining. And record-high crime, violent crime, property crime, and (no coincidence) Democrat party leadership. Proudly riding high on their superiority complex as everyday citizens suffer under their brutal regulatory mandates.

If there is any connection between gun ownership and crime, it is this. The more law-abiding gun owners, the fewer the crimes.

These stats disprove the narrative that law abiding citizens cannot be trusted with guns and must be stripped of their rights. Leaving citizens defenseless does not decrease violent crime rates as the crime statistics in places that have very restrictive gun laws show us every day.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where folks are enjoying the last weekend of summer, cash registers are ringing, and where we’re looking forward to the peace and quiet that will return to us on Tuesday.