It's Not The Economy, Stupid

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the one thing none of the Democrat presidential candidates (except one) are talking about is the economy? Could it be that they know that trying to use the economy as a campaign issue is a losing strategy?

Yeah, I’m betting they’re smart enough to know that.That isn’t stopping many of their sycophants from trying to make it an issue, even if they must tank the economy to do so.

The media has been pushing the idea that we’re entering a recession, citing some minor indicators that there may be a correction coming, despite none of the major indicators like a falloff in existing home sales, contractions in business purchasing, falling consumer confidence and spending, and decreasing business investment being present. None of that has stopped the media from pushing the idea that we’re on the verge, if not in a recession. Maybe they figure that by repeating the Big Lie often enough and loud enough that they can get people to start acting as if there is a recession, and by doing so, create a recession in time for the elections in November 2020.

That’s how much they hate Trump and we deplorables. They are willing to damage the economy, destroy millions of jobs, see other millions lose their businesses and homes, all to help the Democrats gain the White House. That’s just not just awful, it’s sick. Those pushing this narrative see nothing wrong with what they’re willing to do. But then the kind of Progressivism being pushed is a form of mental illness.