Saving The Planet? Not So Fast!

As the hysteria generated by Greta Thunberg’s visit and impassioned speech increases, the call for us to “Do Something!” to stop climate change in an effort to save the planet has increased in volume. I find it interesting that the nations that have done the most to reduce their emissions are the ones being lambasted by our supposed environmental superiors for not impoverishing ourselves and returning to an 18th Century existence. (Of course we’d probably have to kill off at least 250 million people in the US alone because there’s no way an 18th century level of technology could support that many people. I figure we would eliminate the urban warmists first.)

One thing that I have a difficult time dealing with is the absolute religion-level belief that we’re headed towards a man-made climate apocalypse. No one, and I mean no one has been able to prove the veracity or source of their climate predictions. All of the models we’ve seen haven’t even come close to predicting what has actually occurred climate-wise, yet we are supposed to believe that those same defective models will accurately predict what the climate will be like in 100 years? Yeah, right.

About the only way to counter this nonsense by the true believers is to make my own “appeal to authority”, in this case the authority is none other than the late George Carlin.

Forget the Michael Manns of the world. George Carlin had it all figured out years ago.