Thoughts On A Sunday

The fickleness of fall weather is displaying itself, with temps here in central New Hampshire having been around the 60°F mark yesterday and seeing temperatures plummet towards the freezing mark today as a cold front swept through. The front was accompanied by rain (and snow in some of the higher elevations).

We have been hoping for more rain before the ground freezes as we are still in the midst of a drought. At least the rain we've received to this point hasn't fallen on frozen ground, but that will change over the next week or so.


You know the left is getting desperate when they label someone like Jeff Sessions as a racist, yet it was Sessions who helped desegregate schools in Alabama and got the death penalty for a KKK murderer.

The Left has so overused the racism change that it made it almost meaningless as it is being come to be known as the default charge for anyone the Left disagrees with.


I don't know about you, but when I buy tickets to see a concert or a Broadway show, I do so with the intent of being entertained. I do not want to be preached at by people I disagree with.

Maybe that's something the cast of Hamilton should have thought about before they took the opportunity to lambaste VP-elect Mike Pence during their performance.

To say the backlash has been bigger than they thought it would be would be understating the matter.

Deb and I had attended a Bette Midler concert back when Dubya was in office and we were treated to a diatribe against Bush by Ms. Midler, something that ruined our enjoyment of her show. We ended up leaving part way through, though we should have gotten up immediately and demanded our money back as we had paid to attend a concert, not a political rally.


You should see this 'documentary' on the mental illness that is Leftism and its off-shoot, Social Justice Warrior syndrome. That a majority of them are white middle class children shows just how insidious and widespread this mental disease is. It is obviously communicable and is spread through contact in our public schools.

It's a wonder that the CDC isn't on the case in regards to this epidemic.


Also by way of Granite Grok comes this quote from former 4-star Marine General James Mattis:

Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
Yup. I'd say that just about sums it up in regards to our defense.


The purely politically correct actions taken by a number of state Attorney Generals as a means of forcing ExxonMobil to pony up billions of dollars in cash for supposedly suppressing 'knowledge' it knew AGW was real and it's lobbying efforts against the AGW alarmists has had an unexpected turn.

A federal judge in Texas has ordered Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and New York AG Eric Schneiderman to appear in Dallas on December 13th for depositions in regards to a lawsuit filed by ExxonMobil to block any further investigation by the states in regards to its stand on AGW and any paid studies or lobbying efforts on its behalf on the matter.

The warmist lobby is learning the hard way that actions have consequences, particularly politically motivated legal actions.

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.


As an aside, our family has decided to celebrate Thansgiving a little early seeing that we will all be in different places on Thanksgiving Day. Deb will be working that day at the Veterans Home. BeezleBub will be in rural New York celebrating Thanksgiving with his aunt, uncle, and two of his cousins. I and the WP Mom will be at the younger WP Sister's home south of Boston, hence the 'little' Thanksgiving gathering today with Deb, BeezleBub, and the WP Mom.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, BeezleBub spent yesterday and today slaughtering turkeys at the farm. BeezleBub, Farmer Andy and his missus, as well as two of the other farmhands spent all day yesterday and today attending to the task. Deb and I stopped by today, bringing coffee and cinnamon rolls to feed the troops as they continued with their tasks. Deb even took a few pictures for her sister showing the process. Deb has no plans to post any of those pics on Facebook, knowing the type of backlash and crap she'll get from the food-comes-from-the-supermarket crowd.


With the cooler weather we're going to see over the next few days, something we must keep track of is that Solar Cycle 24 is turning out to be the weakest seen in 200 years.

What does that mean?

It may be auguring a period of global cooling as previous quiet solar cycles have. Both the Maunder and Dalton Minimums tracked the Little Ice Age, a period between the late 1300's and the late 1700's/early 1800's. If cycle 24 is a precursor for a series of quiet solar cycles, we might start seeing colder temperatures worldwide. In the Northern Hemisphere that means much colder and longer winters.

If nothing else it might show the warmists that a warmer world is a lot better than a colder one.


The New England Patriots played the San Francisco 49ers today in San Francisco, beating them 30-17.


The hew and cry from the Left about Steve Bannon taking on a position with the Trump Administration has to make one wonder if the Left has lost their friggin' minds.

Accusations from the Left of Bannon's supposed antisemitism have run rampant. But there's a problem with those accusations, that being they have absolutely no proof of any kind from anyone that Bannon is antisemitic. The only hint of Bannon's antisemitism?

His ex-wife's claim during their rather contentious divorce.

I don't know about you, but I would take any claim or accusation made during a messy divorce with a huge grain of salt considering how many accusations are flung far and wide during such proceedings. That there are no other examples or proof of his supposed antisemitism is a pretty good indicator that none exists. It is merely a faux meme trying to become 'true' in order to discredit someone who the Left detests with a passion that goes beyond all reason.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where early evening snow has fallen, the people are glad the Patriots have won, and where everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving.