Advice To The Oh-So-Tolerant Intolerant Left

Hearing and reading about the over-the-top outbursts by our Progressive youth (rioting, defecating in the streets, and general assholery) and the overly emotional and, dare I say, insane responses by our self-appointed 'betters', I figured this response posted by my dear brother on Facebook should set all of these emotionally immature and overly dramatic anti-Trump persons straight. Not that it will. After all, they are fragile snowflakes with absolutely no sense of history and a complete lack of understanding about how our government works or of the US Constitution and how it is supposed to limit government.

Experiencing all the wailing and rending of shirts on assorted social media sites is already becoming tiresome and extremely disappointing. Tiresome is obvious, but disappointing needs some explanation. I am disappointed that so many people I consider to be level-headed and intelligent seem to have lost even the most basic understanding of how our government works.

Everybody needs to take a deep breath and calm down. Trump is not a monster. Embarrassingly lacking in verbal self-control and possessed of some pretty deplorable character flaws, yes. Monster, no.

Trump does not have a free hand. The GOP members of the House and Senate are not beholden to him in any way and many if not most actively dislike him. Furthermore, despite all the mudslinging that has run rampant in the House and Senate races, most of the GOP in congress are not interested in rolling back the cultural changes of the past twenty years if for no other reason than that they know they CAN’T. When or if Trump sends something outlandish to Congress it is going to die a quick and silent death.

The majorities the GOP holds are not veto-proof. ANYTHING coming out of Congress that may draw a Trump veto will require Republicans and Democrats to work very closely together to overturn the veto. This is a GOOD thing. Hell, it may be the BEST thing to come out of this election cycle. Trump will not be able to stuff the Supreme Court with crazy people. The Senate has to approve nominees- just hope the GOP doesn’t take a page from the Democratic Handbook and deploy the nuclear option with regards to filibusters. I suspect they will not do so to benefit President Trump. Yes, it is unlikely the SCOTUS nominees will be progressive, “living constitution” types. Elections have consequences. Still, it is extremely unlikely the court is going to overturn decisions such as recognition of gay marriages and the like. Justices, particularly more conservative Justices, tend to take Stare Decisis seriously. Beyond that, somebody would need to bring a case to the Supreme Court- they don’t get to simply hand down a ruling because they feel like it.

Finally, this is TEMPORARY. As a good friend of mine likes to say, the President is just the current temporary occupant of the White House. There is another election in two years where every member of the house and a whole slew of Senators are up for re-election. Two years after that there is a Presidential election. Four years may seem like an eternity, but it is not even close to “President for Life…”

Despair is unbecoming. Knock it off.

Did any of you see the unrest that took place after Obama was elected, with rednecks rioting and burning cars, smashing windows, defecating on a picture of Obama, or beating up Obama supporters?

Of course you didn't...because it never happened.

We Obama opponents winced at the loss of our candidates, saw there was little we could do other than work through the legislative process, and got on with our lives. Yes, we may have grumbled and groaned about what “that ass-hat in Washington” was doing next, but we didn't take to the streets like the thugs we've seen over the past couple of days. We didn't destroy the property of the very people we were supposedly 'supporting'. In other words, we didn't act like the hypocrites on the Left have been acting.

Maybe it's time for them to finally grow up.

But I'm not holding much hope that they will.