Cultural Appropriation Is How Societies Grow

It appears the latest phrase the deluded Social Justice Warriors like to bandy about these days is “cultural appropriation”, using it as a club to further balkanize our nation along lines that only they recognize.

These clueless and useful idiots have failed to understand that every civilization in history has appropriated the elements of other cultures into their own. It's something that has helped keep them vital, adding new ideas, foods, arts, sciences, and a whole host of other cultural items that help strengthen and transform such a civilization. That civilization in turn has offered cultural items to other cultures, near and far. It's a give and take, one that has been going on since human civilizations have existed.

These knuckleheads want to stop all of that and freeze everyone right where they are. In effect they want to pigeonhole every culture and keep them exactly where they are. No more cultural appropriation will be allowed because, after all, it's R-A-A-A-A-C-I-S-T!!!! But they don't realize that it is they who are perpetrating a great crime, that of racism, and worse, committing these oh-so-precious cultures to a static existence. And for those of you who have studied history, what happens to cultures that become static?

They die.

Is that what these latest batch of SJWs want?

Probably not. But their masters do, their masters being the Progressive faculty infesting our schools and college campuses. They want to destroy what it is that makes America one of the greatest nations on Earth and replace it with an ill-defined socialist utopia that will, like all those that have gone before, be nothing less than Hell on Earth.

While the SJWs decry such things as the American spin on foods from other cultures, fashions, music, literature, and philosophies, they have chosen to be ignorant of how all those things have shaped American culture But now it's gotten worse where SJWs are blasting “cultural appropriation” when folks from one part of the US use phrases or expressions from another part of the US.

In this case a “sweet young thing” from the South lambasted some of her fellow college students for making use of the word y'all. Her gripe? The folks using the word weren't from the South.

In a piece for the Patriot, the school’s official student newspaper, Leah Power explains that although she has “attempted to build up a thick skin towards the insensitive jokes, stereotypes, cultural appropriation and overall ignorance” that she sees around her, she just cannot help but get very upset every time she hears someone who is not from the South use the word “y’all.”

Really? That's what galls her? Then what about many of the various versions of barbecue? Have those also been culturally appropriated inappropriately? When does this silliness end?