They Know Not What They Do - And They Don't Want To

With electors still being threatened by the self-anointed 'elite' PC police – people who didn't even bother to vote – one has to wonder if they've given any thought to just what a reaction there would be if some of the electors gave in to those threats? Would there be law suits? Would there be riots? Or worse, would there be a civil war between the Americans who firmly believe in the Constitution and those who see it as nothing more than a historical curiosity that stands in the way of yet another hellish socialist utopia?

Of the options I think that the first and then the third options are most likely. When the rule of law breaks down, so does the society. Once that happens, war is inevitable. And given the proclivities of the two groups, I think the second group is likely to lose because the first has all of the guns and the will to use them to preserve the rights paid for with the blood and treasure of those who have gone before us.

That the Progressive youth think we should abandon the electoral college shows us just how ignorant and close-minded they are. With no understanding of our history or the reasons why the the Framers of the Constitution codified the electoral college, they tread down a dangerous path that can lead to far more strife, death and destruction than they can possibly imagine They believe in tyranny of the majority. (Don't let their protest to the contrary fool you as it has fooled them.) They want to see their version of the Reign of Terror, though I doubt we'll see the random mob-driven killings as seen in France. But they will use the power of the popular vote to strip away one right after another from the minority “for the good of the people.” It's something that's right out of Atlas Shrugged, something they have shown more than once they are willing to embrace.

All of this has to make me wonder if they have truly stopped thinking for themselves, (this assumes they ever had that capability) and are capable of merely parroting what they have been spoon fed by their indoctrination coordinators – once known as teachers and professors. Has critical thinking been replaced by what makes them feel better about themselves? From what I've been seeing from the group of spoiled brats who call themselves Progressives, the answer is yes.

They really don't give a rat's ass about who they'll be hurting as long as they feel better about themselves. They'll continue feeling that way right up to the point that the Deplorables figure they've had enough and start showing them the error of their ways in the most forceful and unpleasant way ever – civil war. It might not be a shooting war, but it will pit “brother against brother” and our country will be all the weaker for it. The differences will be all that matter and the similarities, those things we share in common, will be ignored. But then that's what they've been striving for all along, isn't it? After all, they need someone to look down upon as inferior to them – meaning we Deplorables – so they can feel better about themselves and what they've done all in the name or 'progress'.

OK, enough of my rant. I admit it is a little disjointed, but that happens when I find myself becoming distracted by the actions of willfully ignorant children who do not have anyone else's best interests at heart.