Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been a busy weekend here in Central New Hampshire. Between paying for the winter maintenance and storage prep on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, shopping for snow tires for Deb's car (she wanted to be pro-active and get them on before she actually needed them), and attending the Beach Boys concert down in Concord, it's kept us busy. And that was just Saturday!

Today was a little more mundane with the usual weekend house chores. The only 'off' thing about this weekend?

No Patriots game. They're off an a bye week.


The silly season is winding up, with last minute pushes by the candidates for various offices, state abd federal.

As part of my town duties, I will be stationed at the polls to keep an eye on things and helping to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our town moderator is expecting a 90%+ voter turnout in our town, the highest I think I've ever seen since Deb and I moved here years ago. Even our state's Secretary of State is expecting a very high turnout, between the contentious presidential election, and tight gubernatorial, US House, and US Senate races.

This will mean a 14 hour+ day for those involved with the election, with the polls themselves being open from 7AM to 7PM. There will be hand counting for a number of ballots due to the counting machines themselves not being able read the selections on some of the paper ballots. (This can happen if someone marks more than one selection for a given office, overfills or underfills the circles next to their selection's name, or cross-outs when a voter realized they didn't fill in the correct selection, crossed out the incorrect candidate's name, and the filled in the correct one.) These hand counted ballots usually account for between five and ten percent of all ballots cast. It seems to differ from election to election.

I'll be glad when this is all over.


For a slight change of topic, the question has been asked about whether or not virtual reality sex will do more to kill off pornography than monogamy?

My guess?


Will that be a good thing or a bad thing?

I haven't a clue.


Who is the biggest loser of the 2016 campaign? The media.

From cable news employees sharing questions with Democrat Hillary Clinton in advance of TV town halls and debates, to executives making their airwaves endlessly available to Donald Trump for phone “interviews” that the Republican candidate controlled, the media have never performed less responsibly in a modern-era presidential election.

Does anyone trust the major media any more? I know I don't.


Apparently Huff Po doesn't really understand the Second Amendment or the various state gun laws which codify the rights citizens have to keep and bear arms. Their latest problem?

A man openly carrying a firearm outside a Virginia polling place. I guess they don't like idea that it's perfectly legal for a citizen to carry their firearm out in public in Virginia, or anywhere else.

My message to the folks at HuffPo: Get used to it.


I have to agree with David Starr on this: Can we trust the polls?

As I have stated in an earlier post, it is very easy to sway the poll numbers.

This close to the actual election, I have no doubt that many of the polls run by the MSM has been heavily weighted towards one party or the other, so to me the poll numbers are meaningless.

The only poll that counts is the one that takes place nationwide this coming Tuesday.


Even Progressive Democrats realize the problems with corruption at the Clinton Foundation can bring down the party, even if it doesn't bring down Hillary.

Even though FBI Director Comey has yet again thrown Hillary a bone by announcing it will not take action against her for the more recent e-mails found on Anthony Weiner's computer, there's still the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation sill ongoing. If it is found that it is in violation of the RICO Act, heads will roll, even Hillary's.

I think just about everyone knows that if most people had pulled what Hillary did, between her private e-mail server and the Pay-For-Play tie-ins between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, they'd already be in jail. This latest round of scandals just shows that the rule of law no longer exists and that the American people can no longer trust the justice system.

As the attitude from the Clintons and the rest of the political elite appears to be “Laws are for the little people”, it is not a surprise that the people are losing faith in our laws, the higher echelons of law enforcement, and our courts.

Once the people lose faith in the rule of law, we no longer have a nation.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the political ads seem to be running every 30 seconds, the politicians are spending their last hours before the election glad-handing everyone they can in the state, and where we'll all be releived when it's all over.