Thoughts On A Sunday

We've gotten into one of those typical New England late-summer weather patterns where one day the temperatures will be in the 60's during the day and 30's during the night followed by 80's and 60's the next few days. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, if the 70's and 80's last through October that would be fine with me.


As is true in any small town, we've had our share of controversies, though they tend to be small compared to what's seen in the cities.

In this case it has to do with some logging that took place on some private conservation land. Some of my fellow townsfolk were outraged that such a thing would take place, not understanding that the logging was strategic, meaning it was done to help maintain the health of the woodlands on the property. But these same folks were horrified to see the tree cutting, assuming it was being done due to greed and profits.

They need to get a clue about good forest management.


Joyce Carol Oates slams Kira Davis for her “white privilege”. That's interesting considering Oates is lily white and Davis is black.

That's a major disconnect from reality. But then again most liberals are disconnected from reality.


Here's an incontrovertible truth:

“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.”

As Glenn Reynolds wrote, it was “a pretty neat job of summing up the Obama era “



This pretty well sums up why so many of us became bloggers, going back to just prior to September 11th, 2001. It also explains why some otherwise small blogs like The Drudge Report and Instapundit became the media monsters they are today – they cover the news the MSM either won't or can't without angering their liberal masters.

My dear brother started this blog back in June of 2002, primarily to offer political commentary at a time when the only other means of doing so was hoping you'd get your letter published by the local newspaper. It was also easier for us to do so as compared to our old Geocities website World Domination, Incorporated.


Uh-oh, this isn't good.

Moody's financial analysts say that Sears and Kmart are in financial trouble and their shutdown is imminent.

I know Sears/Kmart has been struggling for years. The Sears cachet has faded away because management hasn't been able to adapt to the new marketing and sales trends. Our 'local' Sears (about 30 miles from The Manse) doesn't have the quality sales staff it used to. Too many of them have little knowledge of the goods they're selling (with the exception of the folks in the appliances department), don't know where to find items customers are looking for, and are nowhere to be found when a customer needs assistance. This is something seen in Sears stores across the nation.

Deb and I have been looking at a new refrigerator and have considered buying a Kenmore to replace the aging Kenmore presently residing in out kitchen. We may have to rethink that purchase and go with another brand because if Sears goes down it's likely so will the Kenmore brand name.


Compare and contrast: Attendance at Hillary's rallies versus those of Donald Trump.

Could it be that Democrats aren't really all that enthusiastic about their candidate, particularly since there are so many questions about her health? Could her comments about we 'deplorables' be driving the larger crowds seen at Trump appearances?


They predict one thing, but reality intrudes and that 'thing' turns out to be wrong.

Remember when all of the warmists were predicting substantial increases is heat-related mortality? People would be dropping like flies during the warm weather months and it would all be the fault of global warming. Too bad (for them) that their predictions weren't even close to actual observations, or so says a study by Arizona State University's David Hondula.

We find that studies based on projected changes in climate indicate substantial increases in heat-related mortality and morbidity in the future, while observational studies based on historical climate and health records show a decrease in negative impacts during recent warming. The discrepancy between the two groups of studies generally involves how well and how quickly humans can adapt to changes in climate via physiological, behavioral, infrastructural, and/or technological adaptation, and how such adaptation is quantified.

So what they're saying is that we adapt to changes in the climate conditions, making physiological and infrastructure changes to do so. But isn't that what humans have been doing for millennia?


And speaking of climate change, it appears the topic isn't all that important to most folks worldwide.

According to a poll taken by the UN, climate change ranks dead last amongst 16 priorities listed in the online poll. Number 15 was phone and Internet access which followed very closely behind protection of forests, rivers, and oceans. Climate change wasn't even close to the other two, showing a rather substantial gap between it and phone and Internet access.

I'd say the people have their priorities straight while the warmists don't. Then again, it isn't really about climate change but instead about control over the people.

But then we knew that all along.


Who are the greediest people in this country?

I'll give you a hint: It's not the rich.

As someone who’s probably not going to be in the top 1% of income earners this year (The year’s not over yet and I’m an optimist!), but who pays a lot more in taxes than I receive in government services, let me just note that I APPRECIATE those 1%ers who are paying nearly half of all federal income taxes. Real world, if you add it all up, most of these people are paying somewhere around 50% of their net income in taxes. The ones that aren’t typically are paying a capital gains tax which should be called the, “We’re going to hit you again on the money you already paid on once because we can” tax.

The reason I appreciate them is that there are so many people who aren’t paying a dime in income tax toward the good of the nation. If those of us who are paying more in taxes than we take in government services aren’t “paying our fair share,” then what about the people who aren’t paying any income tax at all?

I’m greedy because I don’t want to pay any more in taxes? No, greed is wanting to take government services paid for by everyone else without paying ANYTHING for them. Didn’t those people take the same road to Wal-Mart as the rest of us? Weren’t schools made available to them? Didn’t the police protect them, too? So, why shouldn’t they be paying SOME TOKEN INCOME TAX for that when liberals like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have the gall to accuse other people of not paying their “fair share?”

Those of us who have been paying attention have understood that for a long time. We also understand who it is who has, when asked “How much should the rich pay in taxes”, their answer is always “More than they do now”.

That's greed.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer temps are hanging in there, there's still plenty of boating and swimming to do, and where we won't be upset if fall has to wait a few weeks longer.