Thoughts On A Sunday

The Labor Day Weekend arrived much as many of us expected it to – early and with lots of traffic.

I had the opportunity to leave from work early on Friday and the weekend traffic was already heavy by 1:30PM. By 5PM it was a nightmare. Everyone was coming up for the 'last' weekend of summer, trying to get one last weekend of boating, swimming, biking, hiking, grilling, partying, and eating summer treats from one of the local stands. So far every venue has been packed, traffic has been heavy, and people are going out of their minds trying to jam in as much 'relaxation' as they can during this long holiday weekend.

It's tiring just watching it.

While the crowds will soon be gone and some semblance of quiet will return to the lake, I am going to miss the hustle and bustle of summer. And while the leaf peepers will start making their presence by the end of the month, they still won't equate to what we see between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Once we get past Columbus Day it will very quiet.

Once again, summer has ended far too soon.


Though I have commented upon this before, I feel the need to do so again.

Gluten, it's supposedly bad for you.

Of the entire population in the US, very few are actually gluten intolerant. Of all of the people I know, only two have actually been diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, one them not being diagnosed until she was in her late 30's.

But the gluten-is-bad craze has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, with all kinds of products being labeling as gluten free (and in some cases the manufacturer's charging a little more for those products). The thing is that unless the product has wheat, barley, or rye in it, it is highly unlikely there's any gluten in it. (To show just how stupid this has gotten, I've seen packages of yeast labeled 'Gluten Free'. All yeast is gluten free. I've also seen it on packages of maple sugar candies!)

I give it another year before this fades away, only to be replaced by something else that is equally stupid. Like P.T. Barnum once said, “There's a sucker born every minute.”


We were supposed to be getting more, bigger, and nastier hurricanes because of anthropogenic global warming, at least that's what the AGW faithful have been saying for years.

So where are they?

Call it yet another in a long list of #FAILs that can be attributed to the We're-All-Gonna-Die-Because-Of-The-Evil-Humans-And-Their-CO2-Emissions doomsday cult.


Is Venezuela close to total collapse?

Seeing the protests is Caracas, I'd have to say one of two things will happen – a coup or a civil war.

If Venezuelan troops start killing civilians at the orders of President Maduro, it will turn into a civil war. If it does, I expect Cuba will send troops to 'help' quell the rebellion against yet another failed socialist experiment.

The Left never learns from their own failures.


So now Asians are considered white? Is that like that White Hispanic George Zimmerman?

It must be true because an SJW lit into a Lyft driver because of the little Hawaiian dashboard doll in his car. This SJW informed him she was offended by it and that it showed he was “exercising his white male privilege by refusing to take it down.”

Yeah. Right.


“When people are killing themselves over political correctness, perhaps we have gone too far.”

It went too far well before then.


My dear brother and I briefly discussed the explosion of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral during a static fire test. Looking at the video it appears there was some kind of failure near the top of the second stage as that's where the explosion first appeared.

As my brother posited, considering the Falcon 9 was carrying a satellite for Facebook it might be wise to look at Google as a possible suspect.....[/sarc]


Free North Carolina tells us that there are times when Black Lives Don't Matter.

No, Brock isn't being racist. He's telling the truth and I'll give you a hint: Planned Parenthood.


Talk about yet another major Liberal Elite disconnect!


Tom Bowler points us to a number of posts that make a very strong case as to why we need Donald Trump to make America great again.

I happen to agree with them, and Tom's conclusion as well.


We get closer to a Star Trek future every day. The latest advance: the EmDrive propulsion thruster.

On of the biggest factors that has made this technology so interesting is that a number of independent teams have been able to reproduce the results produced by EmDrive inventor Roger Shawyer. One UK aerospace company (who shall remain nameless) is so confident that it works that they have been working with Shawyer to develop a superconducting EmDrive thruster.

Without the need to haul a lot of rocket fuel in order to go from planet to planet, interplanetary spaceflight will go from something that is done now and then by unmanned probes to a regular occurrence.

Here's to their success.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summer is quickly winding to a close, boating will continue for another 6 weeks or so, and where labor will still be taking place on Labor Day.