Thoughts On A Sunday

It's amazing the difference seen between last weekend and this weekend. Last weekend everyone was rushing around, trying to fit in the last weekend of summer. Restaurants were busy, beaches were full, and lots of boats were out on the lake.

This weekend, things are relatively quiet. While there are still busy restaurants and people are still making use of the beaches and the lake, it isn't nearly as busy and most of the folks are local rather than summerfolk.


I have had a tough time watching coverage of the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. At best I've been able to watch a few minutes before I've had to change the channel or turn off the TV.

As I wrote in my earlier post this morning, it may have happened fifteen years ago, but to some of us it was just yesterday.


Apparently Hillary's diss of some of Trump's supporters the other day wasn't the first time she pulled something like that.

During an interview on Israeli TV she called all Trump supporters 'deplorables'.

Class act, Hillary.


Why does this not surprise me in the least?

Apparently college students that support assault weapons bans can't even answer one simple question: What is an 'assault weapon'?

All they know is that they want to ban it even though they haven't a clue what it is. That's as bad as the folks who want to hold big business accountable for the dihydrogen monoxide in their products and food producers for the DNA contained in the food they grow.

And these kids are supposed to be running the country in the future?


This ought to get the Greens and OPEC's knickers in a twist!

It appears there's been a massive shale oil discovery in West Texas which contains approximately 3 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

If the reserves can be proven, that adds just that much more to US oil reserves which are already bigger than Saudi Arabia's.


I'm not surprised the MSM and the anti-gun lobby are trying very hard to ignore this inconvenient statistic – Between 1950 and 2010, not one mass shooting took place where people were allowed to arm themselves.

In other words, gun-free zones or gun-restricted zones were the targets of choice.

This flies in the face of the 21st century gun control movement’s claims that gun-free zones do not endanger innocents. It exposes the fallacy of arguments that present attackers as uninterested parties who choose a target by chance, never taking into account whether that target contains people who can shoot back.

The article goes on to list a number of the more recent mass shootings and the information from the shooters themselves why they chose the targets they did. The one common factor was that knew no one was likely to be armed, giving them a free-fire zone.


September 11th is always a difficult day for me, as it is for many others. Even after all this time it still hurts.

This one was particularly bad because we had to say goodbye to one of our four-footed family memebrs.

Charlotte, a rescue cat found abandoned in a foreclosed house and that we took in some years ago, suffered a seizure today. A trip to the emergency veterinary clinic found multiple health issues and the prognosis was very poor.

She died in Deb's arms.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where things are quieting down, the weather is still good, and where there's a kitty shaped hole in our household.