"Jim Crow, Please Pick Up The White Courtesy Phone...."

Decades of effort, time spent in courts, state and federal, and legislation passed in state legislatures and Congress did away with segregation as it was known in the South. We thought the final nails had been driven into the coffin of government sanctioned institutional racial discrimination.

We were wrong.

But what's different this time is that it isn't state or local governments re-instituting racial segregation. It isn't the Aryan Nation or the KKK demanding the races be separated.

It's the colleges.

First, it was my alma mater, the University of Connecticut, as well as UC Davis and Berkeley offering segregated housing.

Now it's Cal State doing so, buckling under to the demands of black students for segregated housing.

What's going to be next, segregated dining facilities, gyms, theater seats, and campus buses?

I also can't help but wonder what the radical forebears of today's liberal college students—who fought to end segregation in schools—would think about all this.

I also expect that there's a whirling sound coming from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's grave as his dream dies at the hands of the very people he and so many others fought to free decades ago. To think that the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who risked their lives and their freedom to do away with the legacy of Jim Crow are now working hard to impose their own version upon themselves.

How effed up is that?