The Lies Grow And More People Will Die

As the Black Lives Matter movement evolves into a carefully orchestrated political force that does nothing to help blacks in our country, the political fires it is stoking are more likely to flare out of the control if its 'handlers', causing far more harm than if they did nothing.

Between the lies being sold as truth to black Americans as a means of stirring more racial distrust, and dare I say, racial hatred and the growing distrust, if not outright hostility towards urban police departments, many foresee this reaching a boiling point that will foment a war that no one will win...except for the extremists.

What do BLM supports think will happen if they succeed in driving the police from their neighborhoods? Haven't they paid attention to the so-called Ferguson Effect? If they have, do they realize that if the police indeed do leave the neighborhoods because they have been driven away they will be living in free-fire zones? The gangs will take total control and no one in those neighborhoods will be safe. No one. The already high murder rates will skyrocket.

As more than one person has commented, those areas will become like New York City in Escape from New York. But then again, maybe that's just what some people actually want.