The Last Straw For Venezuela's People?

It isn't as if anyone paying attention to the situation in Venezuela didn't see this coming.

Venezuela declares forced labor in the farm fields for all citizens.

International humanitarian organizations have been mostly blocked from assisting because Maduro doesn't trust them. Instead, Maduro issued a decree recently ordering citizens to leave their jobs in the private sector to be put to work in the fields.

I seem to recall something like this was used in the Soviet Union to help with what was called “The Battle of the Harvest” because the central planners had forgotten to make sure there were enough people and enough equipment to harvest crops. So the Politburo ordered its citizens, including members of the military, out in the fields to harvest crops before they rotted in the fields. One would think they'd know well ahead of time that crops didn't harvest themselves and would have planned accordingly.

As one commenter to the post linked above wrote:

We had a word for this, wait let me think of it and get my shocked face ready.

Oh, that's right, slavery.

Such is the glorious future of the socialist utopia – becoming a slave to the (greedy/corrupt/incompetent) state.

If the conditions in Venezuela hadn't been bad enough to create an exodus from that benighted country already, this action will likely be the tipping point. I expect refugees may start exiting Venezuela any time now.

The other possible reaction: rebellion. It's not difficult to see pro-democracy/pro-capitalist groups arming themselves and going head to head with the corrupt Chavistas that run the country into the ground.