A Brief View Of Day One Of The DNC Convention - Hypocrisy All Around

I caught the last half hour or so of the first evening of the DNC convention.

My impression of what I saw during that time?

Hypocrisy, envy, greed, and drooling media sycophants.

Did I miss anything?

The topics brought up by the two speakers I heard, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, had me both angry and dismayed at the same time.

Warren talked about getting corporate money out of elections, particularly Wall Street money, when one of the biggest recipients of that ‘dirty’ money is Hillary Clinton. In the same vein Bernie brought up the Koch brothers, choosing to ignore the huge amounts of money George Soros and Tom Steyer have bestowed upon the Democrats. The money the Kochs have donated is a mere pittance compared to what those two have given. And unlike Soros and Steyer, the Kochs have donated money to campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans. But no mention of any of that was made. I figure the whole “Let’s overturn Citizens United” shtick will disappear should Hillary be elected.

Bernie brought forth his “We’re gonna give you free shit” talking points, between ‘free’ college tuition, ‘free’ health care, and ‘free’ money in the form of a $15 minimum wage. And like anything that’s ‘free’, it’s going to be expensive and it isn’t going to deliver on the promises as anything that’s ‘free’ is worth what you aid for it, meaning it’s worthless. The college degree will be worth nothing, the free health care will provide neither health or care, and the very people the $15 minimum wage is supposed to help will help them…right on to the unemployment lines and the welfare roles.

And then there was the media.

During the RNC convention the usual suspects of the MSM were serious, wearing disapproving expressions on their faces and giving lip service to the idea of unadulterated coverage. But during the first night of the DNC convention one could see the unabated excitement and, dare I say it, adulation of the MSM drones.

And so it goes.