Caught In A Bind

As time has gone on since he graced Dallas with his presence, Obama continues to pile on law enforcement, in effect calling them an inherently racist institution. He ignores what he's done to help undo years of progress in race relationships, using every opportunity to widen the racial divide he created. He's put law enforcement in a bind.

Black communities condemn the police for black deaths at the hands of police (which is a small number compared to the number of whites killed by police), complain that the police have no interest in solving black homicides while at the same time refusing to give any aid to the investigations into those homicides. They are openly hostile to police yet expect them to perform miracles in regards to solving homicide cases. They wonder why police are wary of entering high crime rate “no go” zones where police have a target on their back.

And The Won keeps egging them on.

He wants a divided America. After all, it's easier to destroy our form of government and replace it with a totalitarian socialist regime much like that of his idols, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.