Hillary Skates...Again

That Hillary Clinton dodged a federal indictment for her mis-/mal-/non-feasance as Secretary of State was not a surprise for me. Knowing she was being protected by The Won and his DNC cronies, I figured the best we could hope for was some kind of sanction, but we didn't even get that.

While the FBI Director 'slapped down' Hillary for her sloppy security in regards to classified e-mails, AG Loretta Lynch has declared the investigation closed.

Hillary skates again.

Anyone paying attention knows that if Hillary had an 'R' after her name or if it had been a Republican Secretary of State, she/he would have been hauled away in handcuffs, the media would have been playing it up, and slews of legal 'experts' would be pontificating about how awful it was that someone in a position of power like that should suffer the maximum allowable penalty for their 'perfidy'.

Such is the double standard under which we suffer. It also shows most of America that there are those who can tread the halls of power with impunity, knowing that the law of the land does not apply to them. Laws are for the 'little people'.

However, it is possible that this lack of action by our nation's highest law enforcement organization and the nation's top prosecutor could lead to a degradation of our legal system. After all, why should We The People be held to a higher standard than our so-called betters? Either the laws of our nation and our states apply to everyone, or they should apply to no one.