Thoughts On A Sunday

Unseasonable warmth has returned, but I'm not complaining. Any time we don't have to stoke the woodstove or turn up the thermostat is a plus in my book. The warm temps did manage to melt away the couple of inches of snow we'd received from Friday night into Saturday morning.

While it will be chilly over the next couple of nights, we might be back into the 50's by Thursday.


Trump won in South Carolina, garnering about a third of the vote, driving Jeb Bush to end his campaign. Hillary won the Democrat Caucuses in Nevada, but it certainly wasn't a blowout, with Hillary defeating Bernie by only 4 points.

This is beginning to resemble the old Chinese curse - “May you live in interesting times.”


Yet another college kangaroo court has found itself on the losing side of a lawsuit,” settling out of court for $245,000 for mishandling a rape allegation. The unfortunate part of this is that the student involved in this debacle has no way to get his reputation back.

I expect it will take the loss of millions of dollars from lawsuit after lawsuit for the colleges to finally learn that the Department of Education does not have the power to force colleges to create these kangaroo courts because of a perceived wrong they felt had to be addressed by railroading college students, specifically male college students, and expelling them.

As I and many others have said over and over again, it's time to abolish the Department of Education and to prosecute the staffers in its Office of Civil Rights for civil rights violations.


Oh, I like this one!

The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullshit.



Before we let the MSM and the anti-gunners start making the claim that the Kalamazoo Uber shooter was some kind of Right-Wing Hater, it appears the guy is a self-proclaimed Progressive. But I expect we'll still hear from the usual suspects that the NRA is behind it all.


I just caught the trailer for the remake of Pete's Dragon. It's one that BeezleBub and I have decided we're going to see.


One thing that I believe is driving Trump's popularity is the urban elite's belief that the rest of us are ignorant mouth breathers who need people like them to run our lives.

But we don't need these close-minded bigots making our decisions for us because, quite frankly, they are neither as smart or as wise as they think they are. Trump is the antithesis of these elites and that's why he's getting the support he is. He's a businessman and knows how to make money, how to create jobs, and most importantly, to leave those things best handled by the average Americans to average Americans. We know what we need and how to get it.

Does that mean I support Trump? Nope. But if he ends up being the GOP nominee, I will vote for him.


I have already used this from Chris Muir more than once since I've seen it.

Morlocks, indeed.


Why are Progressives pushing for segregation? Is it that they really have chosen to ignore our own history in regards to segregationist abuses? Or are they hoping to foment greater racial tensions so they have something to campaign on, ignoring the fact that they're the ones who caused it to begin with?

Knowing a goodly number of Progressives, I'm willing to bet it's more the former than the latter as most of them appear to have no understanding of history at all.

That whirring sound you hear is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spinning in his grave.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where sled dog races and ice fishing derbies have been canceled due to the warm weather, ice on the lake is retreating, and where thoughts of an early spring are filing our heads.