A Good Explanation Of Socialism's Failures

As a follow up to my previous post, there's this little gem from the comments that explains the biggest flaw of socialism that socialists, past and present, have chosen to ignore, and with good reason.

Socialism is all about making everyone materially equal, not prosperous. There is no concern for the poor or oppressed, just enmity to the materially advantaged. A world where everyone is impoverished is more desirable and just than one that had a strata of poor to rich. Capitalism is the greatest system to improve the welfare of the impoverished but it does result in material inequality. This is why the left hates it while perpetually praising all those "workers paradises" that barely produce even life's most basic staples. Venezuela is the latest unlearned example.

Of course many crypto-socialists, also known as egalitarians, subscribe to the idea that “making everyone materially equal” means pulling the bottom strata of the socioeconomic scale upwards, at least in theory. But practice has shown that it actually means pulling everyone except the elite down to the bottom of the socioeconomic scale all while making sure the floor of that scale moves downwards at the same time. How that helps anyone is something none of them, including certain members of my own family, have ever been able to explain to me. It all sounds like wishful thinking on their part, ignoring human nature and how it makes their solution totally unworkable.