Sanders Supporters Ignore Socialism's Dark Side

One thing I find to be common amongst many of Bernie Sanders' young supporters that disturbs me to no end is their total ignorance of history, particularly when it comes the subject of Socialism and the horrors it has visited upon hundreds of millions of people. Socialists of all stripes are either ignorant or willfully ignoring the dark side of their political ideology. I guess it lets them sleep at night.

Writes James Freeman on this subject:

Joseph Epstein marvels at the way Bernie Sanders has caught on with young voters. “Does this generation that has grown up with a greater sense of entitlement and protection than any other in history really want the revolution Mr. Sanders is selling? Can they have so little sense of the past not to know that the promise of socialism—’democratic socialism,’ the senator would interject here—has ended up in gulags and brutal cultural upheaval?”...We also feature today a 2003 observation from historian Alan Charles Kors: “No cause, ever, in the history of all mankind, has produced more cold-blooded tyrants, more slaughtered innocents, and more orphans than socialism with power.”

When I point out Socialism's dark side, I am usually brushed off with the usual refrain: “But we're smarter than they were. We won't make the mistakes they made!”

But they're wrong. They aren't any smarter than their ideological ancestors. If anything, they're stupider. As such, that also makes them that much more dangerous because they believe the drivel being foisted upon them as “An Important Truth”, a concept which I always find to be anything but the truth, and they never question any of the tenets of that “Truth”, no matter how inhumane or monstrous they may be. Then again, they really aren't smart enough to figure out their being lied to. It also lets them get away with not having to think for themselves, something many of them have never really had to do before.

Being one of the most coddled generations ever, they're all for “someone else” - meaning you and me – to take care of them for the rest of their lives. No wonder they're all over Bernie Sanders and his “Free Shit” campaign. He won't tell them that all that free stuff will end once his administration runs out of other people's money, but he'll blame all of those from whom he took all that money to pay for all the “Free Shit” he promised everyone, calling them greedy and evil and unfeeling, being unwilling to work as slaves to the state. They will either have gone broke (and their businesses with them), or they'll have gone Galt and let the Sanders Administration try to figure out who to rob next to pay for all the “Free Shit”, which it won't be able to do because there will be no one left to rob.

And then it will get worse.