Thoughts On A Sunday

The aftermath of the 5 inches of snow that fell Friday morning left us with a bit of plowing and shoveling, but by Saturday morning the roads and driveways were pretty well cleaned off and the sun was able to melt what snow and ice remained on them. This was more of what we call a 'nuisance' storm, just enough to cause some poor road conditions and then it disappears. Not that I'm complaining.


BeezleBub is preparing for the arrival of Polka Girl. She'll be here tomorrow and will be departing for home next Sunday. BeezleBub will be traveling to visit her during Spring Break next month.

Long distance relationships can be hard, but not undo-able.


I almost didn't watch the GOP debate last night, but decided it would be interesting to see what the candidates had to say one more time before Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary.

Of them all, I had to say that Chris Christie kicked ass, and in particular Marco Rubio's ass. He was taking no prisoners and gave better than he got.

It will be interesting to see what the after-debate polls have to say.


One thing anyone who has been paying attention understands is that neither Democrat contender understands anything about economics and our economy except how to destroy it. Of the two, Bernie Sanders has the least understanding and the greatest desire to destroy what's left of our economy, finishing the work Barack Obama started.

The latest example of his economic ignorance is his tweet that tries miserably to tie imprisonment to unemployment and poverty as if either of those conditions automatically means you “Go directly to jail. Do not collect $200.”

I'm sorry, Bernie, but debtor's prison is just so 18th century!


Speaking of Bernie Sanders, we should all remember that he's never held a private sector job. All of his paychecks have come from government, be it the city of Burlington, Vermont or from Uncle Sam as a member of Congress, either in the House or the Senate.

He's never had to worry about making payrolls or having to deal with ever more restrictive or damaging regulations while trying to stay in business. He really has no clue what effect government spending, taxation, and regulation has on the average worker, and I doubt he really wants to know all of his rhetoric to the contrary.


Why doesn't this surprise me?

The White House is apparently upset that the House and Senate Budget Committee chairmen have stated they will not hold hearings on Obama's “worthless” budget.

Some may take this to mean that the GOP isn't interested in going over the proposed budget, but one has to look back through Obama's previous budget submissions to see that he usually didn't have a budget to have hearings on because he always submitted them months late, leaving little if any time to debate anything. This is the only time during his entire administration he's had a budget submitted on time, and in this case “on time” it means a week late.


I can't possibly add anything to this.

Feminism is a synonym for 'Shut Up, Men'.

Read the whole thing.


Another factor affecting the so-celled wage gap between men and women: commute times.

Hillary has been hammering away on the 'wage gap' between men and women, ignoring all of the factors that create the perceived difference. When comparing like jobs, the wage difference between men and women disappears, with women earning slightly more money than men. Hillary ignores the fact that men take much more dangerous jobs, suffering a disproportionate number of job injuries and fatalities, jobs that due to the higher risks pay more money.

Now we can add commuting times as yet another factor that determines the income of men and women.

Why do men commute more? Part of the reason is likely that they place a higher priority in maximizing income, so are willing to travel farther to a job that pays more, while women would rather commute less and will accept lower pay in exchange for a shorter commute.

That longer commutes cut into leisure and family time is something else not mentioned by either Hillary or the rest of the 'women earn less money than men' feminists.


Then Left has long clamored on about how the GOP will bring back the days of Jim Crow, with racial segregation being the law of the land. Too bad for them that they got it entirely wrong.

I am ashamed to say our family's alma mater, the University of Connecticut located deep in the heart of the ultra-blue Nutmeg State, is building new segregated dormitories on campus.

First it will be this. Will it soon to be followed by segregated classes created to help African American students feel 'safe'? At some point will a Black-only campus be created? Does no one on the Left see either the irony or backlash this will incur?

Of course not. It's all about social justice, not racial equality or civil rights. It's all about feelz.

If this were happening only at UConn, we could look at it as a aberration. But it's not as it looks like the University of Iowa is looking to follow the same path. How effin' stupid is that?


I had hoped the Carolina Panthers would give the Denver Broncos a run for their money in the SuperBowl, but my hopes were dashed as Denver beat them handily, 24-10.