Thoughts On A Sunday

The Deep Freeze has hit New England, meaning we're seeing actual temperatures below zero and wind chills down to -40ºF on top of it.

I made sure we had extra firewood stacked in the wood box next to the Official Weekend Pundit Woodstove so I wouldn't have to go out during the night or early morning to refill it.

It must be global warming.

One real downside to this bitterly cold weather has been losing the use of two of the bathrooms in The Manse. The pipes are frozen with no hope of thawing them because the Pex tubing used to plumb The Manse is inaccessible without opening walls.

When we had our little interior flood a few years back I could see how much of the plumbing was against the outside wall. I should have had it fixed then.


It was reported last evening that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away during the day yesterday.

Scalia has been known as a scion of the conservative wing of the court, being a firm believer in strict interpretation of the Constitution as written by the Founders and its Amendments.


As I mentioned above, Scalia was a constructionalist when it came to the Constitution. One of my favorite quotes from Scalia:

A Bill of Rights that means what the majority wants it to mean is worthless.

That also applies to the Constitution in general. He didn't believe the “living document” argument put forth by the Progressives, knowing that it meant anarchy because the laws could be reinterpreted at whim to mean the opposite of what the law, and hence, the Constitution meant.


Writes Ed Driscoll about the “one fun element of the Democrat presidential primaries”: Reading how much left wing elites truly despise the base of Democrat voters.

Yeah, that's a winning strategy. Somehow I doubt they'll be able to keep up the “We Truly Care” false front long enough to win the White House or make gains in the House and Senate.


Who are the real sexists in the room when it comes to politics?

Hint: It's not the GOP.


By way of Susan Olsen comes this from Antonin Scalia: “Good intentions are not enough.”


Death threats from vegans? What the heck is this world coming to?


James O'Keefe returned to New Hampshire last week to test its Voter ID law, one driven by his Project Veritas video exposé back in 2012 showing how easy it was for non-residents and non-eligible voters to vote.

I thought we had a pretty good system set up here in the Granite State...until James O'Keefe showed us we still have some problems in regards to voter fraud.

But at least we're not hearing about the wholesale disfranchisement of the poor and minority voters that so concerned the Left. I guess it means they were still able to pull off their voting scams.


Recovery? What recovery?

With the world economy softening, how close are we to a downward economic slide to rival that of the beginning of the 9-Year Recession we're still dealing with?

Pretty darned close, from what I've been seeing.



Unfortunately it may be closer to the truth than anyone cares to admit.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the temps are below zero, pipes have been freezing, and where even going into the garage can be painful.