Tonight's GOP Debate

Here are some of my observations from tonight’s GOP debate from the Reagan Library:

First, Anderson Cooper looked as if he were trying to hide the fact there was some kind of unpleasant smell in the Library. Could that smell be Reagan’s conservatism that permeates the memorial to him?

I thought it was pretty neat to see Reagan’s Air Force One, a modified Boeing 707 that was replaced by a 747 after he left office, as the centerpiece of the pavilion where the debate was held.

I have to say I was disappointed at Carly’s non-response to the question about whether she would be comfortable with Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear button. On the other hand I think she wanted to get to the more important issues that mattered to the American public and not get into the personalities.

The Donald had no problems insulting the other candidates on stage.

Walker had a pretty good comeback to Trump, stating we didn’t need an “Apprentice” in the White House as we already have one there.

Kasich nailed it, stating the backbiting going on during the debate was going to have people turning off their TV’s. I agree.

Trump made one good point – Why are we fighting ISIS in Syria when ISIS is fighting Syria? Why not let them fight it out and then take on the winner? Not that I agree with him, but it was a good point.

Fiorina’s response to Trump’s statement that he can get along with anyone and about Russia’s move into Syria was good – Putin understands and respects strength. We aren’t strong and Putin knows it, so he’s pushing the limits.

Jeb brought forth the issue of our deteriorating relation with Israel, one that Obama has worked hard to destroy, and that one of the things we need to do is reestablish our strong ties with them.

Just about everyone agreed the Iran deal was a bad idea. Most wanted to tear it up and start over again.

Kasich delved into defunding Planned Parenthood but didn’t want to shut down the government to do it. He said it would backfire on the GOP and that the responsibility should be pushed down to the governors.

Fiorina kicked ass on the subjects of Iran and Planned Parenthood, getting loud applause from the audience when she challenged both Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch the awful videos and the coldhearted ‘bargaining’ for fetal organs.

Trump and Christie agree on illegal immigration, though Christie stated he knew Trump’s timetable to deport them was unworkable due to lack of funding and personnel.

The issue of birthright citizenship came up, and Trump hit it right on the head, saying the 14th Amendment addresses the issue. Fiorina says Congress doesn’t want to cure the illegal immigration because it’s a perpetual campaign issue. Rand Paul backed up Trump’s statement, saying the 14th Amendment grants birthright citizenship to the children of legal immigrants even if they aren’t yet citizens, but not illegal immigrants.

Christie ‘bitchslapped’ Trump, and to a point Fiorina, for their “I am more successful than you” back and forth, saying the average American worker didn’t care about it one way or another and that they were more concerned about their jobs or the lack thereof.

Huckabee got into the Fair Tax “makes more sense” than the present income tax system. He also reminded everyone that while too many on the stage were talking about how great they were, Reagan talked about how great the American people were.


At 10PM I had to step away from the TV because of chores needing to be done before retiring for the evening.

Overall, there wasn’t anyone who stood above the others, though I think Carson, Christie, and Fiorina did better than some of the others.